The monster is held in great dread by the Indians. Kenocti in the background, from Clear Lake 4-H Club camp site. © Kym Kemp. To David Heller and those who might not know Dr. John Parker is a Lake County archaeologist who maintains a very interesting website. A party of picnickers from Ukiah stopped on the shore of the lake, when the fish, or whatever it is, came to the top of the water near the shore, and was plainly seen by all present. … I am located on the shore of one of the Blue Lakes, on the route of the stage which carries the U. S. mail, and passengers between Ukiah and Lakeport. Wow.. great story.. Der Blue Lake ist der klarste, durchsichtigste See der Welt – sein Wasser hat eine Sichtweite, die nur mit der von absolut reinem, destilliertem Wasser zu vergleichen ist. Monster pioneered the digital recruitment industry by introducing the first ever online job board. I had an uncle that was raised as a kid with many Indian playmates. ain, where it died, leaving a circle of This one is about a mile and a half long and from one-fourth to one-third of a mile wide. Blue Lake offers a beautiful sandy beach with water so clear you can see the bottom at six metres. People, both settlers and indigenous, living in conditions of scarcity were not the best examples by which to judge their behaviors by modern standards. They gathered information about daily lifestyle, culture, religion, myths and legends. a landslide occurred below the beautiful blue lakes, Search & Compare Blue Lake Hotels. Giant Tales & the French in the New World. tribes account for the heap of stones The only exception to this is the Clear Blue Lake (formerly, Scottsville) is a city in Humboldt County, California, United States. ifestly made to mark the boundary-line, Russian River Flag, Number 4, 8 December 1870 H. D. L., Jr. Lower Blue Lake. The Indians of this country have long had a superstitious notion of the presence of his fishship and regard him as a sort of deified king of the water. But he, like many other, myself included, discredited the existence of his fishship. Check-out Friday. region, during which Eel River totally Things to Do in Blue Lake, Humboldt County: See Tripadvisor's 72 traveler reviews and photos of Blue Lake tourist attractions. A private letter received here from Blue Lakes, Lake county, states that that fabulous monster of those waters has been seen again, and so plainly as to establish himself in the minds of those who saw him as a reality. Introducing Blue Lake North...! All built with the Monster quality consumers and professionals expect and deserve. Uncompromising quality built into every cable - HDMI, USB, headphone cables, speakers, baby plugs, rca plugs, optical calbes, adpaters and more. Of what kind I shall make it a point to ascertain if possible. And a few months later the newspaper of record shared that there had been a group sighting of the creature. Fork and journeyed southward, biting horn on its forehead, and the other SAN FRANCISCO: Which is no less a fascinating story than many of the Indian beliefs. again. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Several years ago, one of the divers from the Underwater center found in the lake locked padlocks, and not far from them –the keys. Its presence in the lake, according to Indian history, is some hundred years. September 30, 2020. through Potter Valley, and went down to come into Potter Valley, one of the Embrace it and grow into an enlightened being knowing that you do not have to be as ignorant as those in the past, but don’t forget so you don’t repeat! Are you kidding? One of those beings was called “Bagil”. Alexandria is situated 6 km south of Blue Lake. difficult, and its meaning mysterious. . The interpretation of this legend is a memorable and terrible drought in this disappeared, and there was no water Crater Lake ist ein Kratersee des Vulkans Mount Mazama im Süden des Bundesstaates Oregon in den Vereinigten Staaten. Ink Stand They all looked like new, they were not faded and worn. Then they started from Rice’s upon. Room 1: Adults. Most cultures adopt a philosophy of “Never Forget”. The water in the lower lake is not as clear as in the other, in consequence of which fishing is much better in the former. … so it would seem that the Tahtoos may Most of the commenters have never missed a meal. was a hundred feet long and had a anywhere, except in Clear Lake, and a Rooms. and came unto it, and discovered there Blue Lake offers a range of car camping opportunities from pull through sites to tent campsites. in the same manner; and the simple Thanks Ernie, in researching this post I read that Clear Lake is considered to be the oldest lake in California! dians of Virginia had a fable of the Aged 18+ Children. A member of the Ukiah brass band who was in Healdsburg on last Monday, confirms the report. Age at check in: Child 1: Show deals. Maybe the monster fish moves freely underground from lake to lake in in the lava tubes of the Konoti area. Juli 2019 um 09:38. He retold many of those fascinating tales to me. Monster Hydro offers a variety of flavors to fuel your performance with energy, electrolytes, B-vitamins, and BCAA for a superior sports hydration drink. Many lakes across America have similar stories. As a historian of the genocide period, and knowing of the forced marches and massacre enroute that happened to the Pomo people later in the year, my scale of the ugliness of the history of this period perhaps blinded me to the language used in the quote as needing a disclaimer. Best Dining in Blue Lake, Humboldt County: See 201 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 5 Blue Lake restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. There best be at least a disclaimer added about the less than respectful repeating of earlier derogatory references to Native Americans. I certainly did not mean to offend Native Americans by quoting a voice from that time period that shows the racism of the time in what I read as an ignorant caricature. They have been sounded to a depth of 300, feet without finding bottom. Entdecken Sie Blue Lake von Blue Skin bei Amazon Music. bones which it was death for any Indian Nov. 27, 1870, A few months later a man driving a wagon on a road overlooking the upper lake shared his mind-changing ‘fishship’ encounter. The community resource center offers referral information, classes, support groups and workshops for all community members. The Indians have always asserted the existence of this large fish, and they regard it with superstitious awe, believing it to be something supernatural; while the most of white men, excepting the few who claim to have seen it, have thought it too big a fish to swallow; but it has been actually seen too often, lately, by respectable, truthful persons, for the existence of the extraordinary creature to be longer doubted. Councils & Commissions. Happy Searching. Im Blue Lake sind unter Wasser Sichtweiten von bis zu 80 Metern möglich, was einer Klarheit von destilliertem, reinem Wasser entspricht und ihn somit laut dem neuseeländischen Nationalen Institut der Wasser- und Atmosphärenforschung zum klarsten Süßwassersee der Welt macht.Dieser Umstand erscheint angesichts der Tatsache, dass in der Tauchergemeinde bereits eine Sichtweite von 40 … that is ancient; and these fables, origi Watch Queue Queue. indicates that it must have been heaped It is generally understood that there are three of the lakes, but in reality there arc only two. Camping. The Bear Lake Monster has been said to range anywhere from 40 feet to 200 feet long, having a fat, muscular body and relatively short, alligator-like legs, which it rarely uses. Blue Lake. See All News. Vonuxvn: IX. M onsters prowl California's nights, terrifying us in the dark. great antiquity, which I ventured to When I was a kid I was told that the bottom of the lake could not be accurately found and they thought that it might be another vent to the Konocti Volcano. The Blue Lake monster. Northern California Has Its Own Loch Ness Monster And Most People Have No Idea. Your correspondent—“H.D.L.” in a most recent letter to you of this country, and among other things, mentioned a reputed inhabitant of one of those lakes. Our neighbor, who for some time has had a mammoth hook set for this monster, has never had a bite yet; but it is no wonder, since he pays no attention to his hook, and never changes the bait. of Potter Valley, also have traditions of Required fields are marked *. The Blue Lake Monster Again On May 20, 1871, the Feather River Bulletin (Quincy, California) reported the following: A private letter received here from Blue Lakes, Lake county, states that that fabulous monster of those waters has been seen again, and so plainly as to establish himself in the minds of those who saw him as a reality. We are ashamed that in another place and time people used derogatory language towards a culture that was decimated by white invaders. Then they journeyed on Clearlake is the oldest lake in the Americas. Crater Lake ist das zentrale Objekt des Crater-Lake-Nationalparks und zeichnet sich durch seine ungewöhnlich tiefblaue Farbe aus. in the opposite direction. Tue 01. The truth is the TRUTH! I failed to find anything derogatory said about the Indians. Dog Park now open! Der See entstand durch die Füllung der Caldera mit Regenwasser. There’s a mysterious creature lurking in the depths of Northern California’s largest lake, and there are very few who know the full story behind this local legend. News, nature, and community throughout the Emerald Triangle, Clear lake with Mt. Agendas & Minutes. Navigating modern sensitivities to the telling of ugly history is something I am clearly learning about as I go… again, apologies for offending anyone. Blue Lake Park is located just northwest of Vermilion Bay. First we come to Tikitapu, the lake of blue waters, divided by the high ridge which was known as Te Ahi-manawa – the place where the heart was cooked. It is said to make its appearance on the surface of the water only once in ten years. Blue Lake (formerly, Scottsville) is a city in Humboldt County, California, United States. Some of my favorite articles from the Monthly are by Lt. Tassin who wrote some great articles about Round Valley, and his friend Tony Metock. They are closed in snugly on all sides by mountains which are very steep, and seemingly these continue their course downward, below the water, at the same angle as above it, until they meet at a great depth below, and the Lakes are simply very deep mountain gorges or canons, partly filled with water. Thanks David. The population was 1,253 at the 2010 census, up from 1,135 in 2000 For their great wickedness, he Latest News. among the Yukas, of the Black Chief’s He moved slowly a short distance, then changing his direction swam out of sight. Historical & Descriptive Sketch Book of Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino: Comprising Sketches of Their Topography, Productions, History, Scenery, and Peculiar Attractions, Campbell Augustus Menefee, Reporter Publishing House, Lake County, California, 1873, p. 225. and his two sons were turned into :0 It is almost one mile long and a quarter of a mile wide. These lakes, according to Indian tradition, have in their waters a huge monster resembling a half fish and half horse, to which they are pleased to give the euphonious appellation of Devil Fish. Odd, Old News: The Legend of Humboldt’s Loch Ness Monster, Odd, Old News: Return Of The Man Eating Snake Of The South Fork (First ‘Viral’ Story From SoHum), Odd, Old News: Schumacher’s Snake as Caught by the Press, Odd, Old News: A Curious Cave in the Eel River Valley, Odd, Old News: Séance Shortened by Spirited Spirit, Odd, Old News: A Cave in Bear Buttes (Parts One and Two), Odd, Old News: A Wondrous Cave Continued…(Part Three), Odd, Old News: In Which a Major Wants to See the Wondrous Cave in Bear Buttes, Odd, Old News: Trinidad’s Enormous Serpent, Mendocino County’s Board of Supervisors Cannabis Cultivation Ad Hoc to Host Cannabis Cultivation Virtual Town Hall, Beware of Scams This Holiday Season, Warns the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Searchers Looked Yesterday for Missing Mother and Child and Will Look Again Today, Ukiah Woman Pled No Contest to Charges of Embezzling Over $200,000 From Her Employer, Eureka Announces First Annual Home for the Holidays Decorating Contest, Barreras al Cuidado: Por qué la población latinx de Humboldt está siendo golpeada de manera desproporcionada por el COVID-19, 30 Casos Adicionales Informados Hoy, 2 De Diciembre, [UPDATE 11:23 p.m.] CPR Performed at Major Crash on Broadway, F250 Rolled Onto Its Roof on Alderpoint Road This Afternoon, 72-Year-Old Woman Dead After Yesterday’s Collision in Eureka, 30 Additional Cases Reported Today, December 2, Application Deadline Is Friday for County’s Small Business Restart and Recovery Grant Program, HSU Native American Studies Food Sovereignty Lab & Cultural Workshop Space Celebrate $80,000 Grant, Begin Raising $250,000 to Build a Lab, Marijuana Photos from Humboldt and the Whole Emerald Triangle. These They will not fish in the lake he inhabits, (the Upper Blue Lake). Learn how your comment data is processed. Surprisingly, inside there locks were scraps of paper. dians. WELCOME TO BLUE LAKE, CA Contact Us. This state of the water is caused by the backing over of Scott’s Creek in times of high water. nated in explanation of so patent a mat The fact that they were not believed gave me great reason to not believe in the Christian Bible. Hatupatu’s story has taken us far from the road that leads to the twin lakes of Tikitapu and Rotokakahi. We are the only culture in the world that tries to bury our dark past. It is said that there is a monster fish, or water dragon, inhabiting the upper Blue Lake. History is now being taught from the point of view of “oppressed peoples.” No wonder this gets politicized. “The Blue Lakes, covering an area of about four square miles, are situated about five miles northwest of Clear Lake, and twelve from Lakeport on the road to Ukiah. Kym and David. 1872. On the surface the find was carefully studied. Russian River Flag, Number 26, 11 May 1871 long enough to reach around a mount Blue Lake TOP 10 Holiday Park Rotorua has something to offer everyone – enjoy a TOP 10 Holiday experience in a typical 'Kiwi' holiday park with a truly unique location! The next recorded sighting occurred in 1872 and provoked a a serious reaction from the Pomo as was recounted in 1880 with the publication of the History of Mendocino by Lyman Palmer. They are twelve miles northwest from Lakeport and eighteen miles northeast from Ukiah. tribe, fierce and terrible, with two sons eastern edge. The Indians have always asserted the existence of this large fish, and they regard it with superstitious awe, believing it to be something supernatural; while-most white men, excepting the few who claim to have seen it, have thought it too big a fish story to swallow. BLUE LAKES, Lake County, January 9th, 1871. We have reviews of the best places to see in Blue Lake. But it has been actually seen too often lately, by responsible, truthful persons, for the existence of the extraordinary creature to be longer doubted. Lake basin, which is drained by Cache creek, which flows The upper lake is nearly cut in two by a neck of timbered land that makes out into it, but the waters are connected by a narrow channel. A large seismic event caused a landslide that blocked that watercourse and the overflow was diverted to the east into what is called Cache Creek. mammoth, which is related by Jefferson; Sea serpents swim in our ocean and occasionally wash ashore on our coastline like the Santa Cruz Sea Monster. up hundreds of years ago. One of my neighbors here is so strongly impressed with the belief that such a fish does inhabit the lake that he has had made a hook and is now engaged in trying to catch him. As they passed over the defile Ein ebenfalls faszinierendes Highlight der zweitgrößten Stadt in Southern Australien ist das Umpherston Sinkhole. Russian River Flag, Number 10, 19 January 1871. plain its existence, when it was so man I have been reading my recent download of Barrett’s Pomo Myths, what an amazing rich cosmology. over him a cairn of stones, and wept Lake County’s Blue Lakes was the site of a number of sightings in the early 1870’s, as newspapers of the area duly reported. JOHN H. CARMANY & COMPANY. The Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie (Scottish Gaelic: Uilebheist Loch Nis), is a cryptid in cryptozoology and Scottish folklore that is said to inhabit Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.It is often described as large, long-necked, and with one or more humps protruding from the water. Blue Lake is located on the Mad River 16 miles (26 km) northeast of Eureka, at an elevation of 131 feet (40 m). Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. [Crop of an image from the Metcalf Collection at UC Berkeley]. On our job board, you will find countless job postings and job ads from top employers in Canada. Inhabiting the water, it is evidently a fish. like moss, always gathers upon anything The water is a beautiful sea blue and of a wonderful depth……. Blue Lake steht für: Blue Lake Creek, New South Wales; Blue Lake Nationalpark auf North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australien; Siehe auch: Blue Lake Township; Big Blue Lake; Dies ist eine Begriffsklärungsseite zur Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselben Wort bezeichneter Begriffe. Barrett, S.A. 1933, Pomo Myths, Vol 15, pg 1-608, Bulletin of the Public Museum of Milwaukee. Its face has been said to resemble a walrus’s, minus the tusks. A party of picnicers from Ukiah stopped on the shore of the lake, and the brass band [began] to play, when the fish, or whatever he is, came to the top of the water near shore and was plainly seen by all present. for his son. two monstrous reptiles, one of which In some stories it has many, many sets of legs, although nobody has been able to see the whole creature to confirm this. Operated by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the lakes serve as water storage for downstream hydro-electric plants.Four main campgrounds, plus an expansion campground are open as … Read: page 96 ; “The watershed of the Coast Ranges is comparatively (and thanks for the link Ernie!). make beads to this day, which are to the website: Your email address will not be published. It is held that the In Die Wassermenge tauscht sich etwa alle 250 Jahre aus. An enthusiast for cryptozoology, the paranormal, lost civilizations, and all things unexplained. On May 20, 1871, the  Feather River Bulletin (Quincy, California) reported the following: A private letter received here from Blue Lakes, Lake county, states that that fabulous monster of those waters has been seen again, and so plainly as to establish himself in the minds of those who saw him as a reality. men. er we gather darkly that there was once drank so much water that he died also, Check-in Thursday. For Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Blue Lake Creatures". Like McKinley’s statue, the prevailing attitudes of the times are no excuse for enduring the ugliness of history now. Watch Queue Queue Thank you for not trying to correct history. He knew most all of their stories, legends and Great Spirits. Popular interest and belief in the creature have varied since it was brought to worldwide attention in 1933. Blue Lake Crag a 25-metre high rock face which people climb. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei The Real Mystic Story about the Blue Lake in our Days. the spring near the summit that he died, Then the father turned back and went Devil's Lake Monster Fresh Water Octopus : Lake Tota Boyacá Colombia: South America: Diablo Ballena (Devil Whale),Monster of Lake Tota: A huge blackfish, bigger than a whale, with the head of a bull. My doubts were dispelled the other day, however, by an awful view of this curiosity. Blue Lakes are part of a cluster of lakes 12 miles south of Highway 88 at Hope Valley. The Blue Lake monster. Over time, Monster has continued to be recognized for its job search matching technology that joins job seekers with job opportunities. have in California.” ….. Overland Monthly: I find my incredulity gone but am unable to say what this huge creature is. Browse through our legendary line of Monster cables. The lower lake is about a half mile south of the other. This video is unavailable. Different reports as to the size of this monster vary in length from ten to twenty feet. fact that they resort to a legend to ex During the wet seasons they are connected with Clear Lake. From its early roots as a resort community and railroad town, to its recent resurgence in arts and culture, Blue Lake, California has always been something special. up on his hind legs, and became a man to cross over. Blue Lake Sun Cam. signification. and his father buried him and wept sore. things go to confirm the theory of a Zuletzt bearbeitet am 29. To read more stories such as this, consider picking up a copy of my book People are Seeing Something: A Survey of Lake Monsters in the United States and Canada. his tail dropped off his body, he stood Wow, you can totally look at the couch and think "A mediocre campground Host once sat here..." Hit me up direct at for special pricing! As we have seen over the last several weeks, reports of giant fish and/or serpents in lakes and rivers are not uncommon in California, and Native lore is full of ‘stories/myths/legends’ of such creatures. little in the spring at the head of Potter I do apologize to anyone offended. on alone to a place called White Buttes, The elusive Bigfoot lurks in California's forests while the tiny Chupacabra invades from Mexico. Water Sewer Service. and slaying all the beasts they came It’s current stand has existed for at least 500,000 years and possible for 2.3 million years. But its gives people bad feelings, isn’t that more important than truth? Open Monday - Wednesday 9am -6pm and Friday, 9am - 3pm. Mystery, When I first saw him he was at a considerable depth in the water, but he soon rose to the surface, so that I could see him plainly. The hook is nine inches long, and attached to it is twelve feet of strong chain, which he don’t believe any fish can bite in two, and to that is attached a good large rope seventy feet long, which is firmly fastened to a tree near the water’s edge. ( I say respectfully, and somewhat humorously…), Good morning Kym, thanks for the nugs of history and the links. Parks & Recreation. Yes some is good and some is bad but it’s our history,thank you. which lie in its old outlet, and the waters were turned He was always going to write a book but he felt it was not his story to tell. Page 96 Geography of California, 1911, States that both Clear Lake and Blue Lakes Watersheds used to drain into Russian River Valley through Coyote Valley ( Lake Mendocino ) before a landslide just West of Blue Lakes, which formed Blue Lakes and Clearlake both of which which now drains into the Sacramento River Valley through Cache Creek. Mount Gambier bekanntestes Highlight ist der Blue Lake, der je nach Jahreszeit seine Farben signifikant verändert. Find Events. Hence, Blue Lake beans.. A private letter received here from Blue Lakes, Lake county, states that that fabulous monster of those waters has been seen again, and so plainly as to establish himself in the minds of those who saw him as a reality. 0-17. slightly different form, which circum abaster at White Buttes, his hair and found on the above legend. Valley, near the cairn in the pass. able examples of the reversal of the drainage which we LEGEND OF THE COYOTE. Im Sommer erstrahlt er in einem leuchtendem Blau, das nicht von dieser Welt zu sein scheint. We rely on most of our readers learning from what can be ugly, condescending references in our past newspapers not only that the attitude existed then but that we need to guard against similar behavior towards modern groups that are out of favor. The hook is baited with a ham of venison and is now floating in the lake awaiting the approach of this fabulous Hydra. and his father buried him, and heaped contemporaneous with the last of a spe to Clear Lake; and there the other son Get directions, reviews and information for Blue Lakes in , CO. These Lakes are situated high up in the range of mountains that lies between the Sacramento Valley and the upper Russian River valleys. While coming across the grade on the bank of the upper lake last Saturday, I caught a glimpse of him swimming near the opposite shore, a distance of some four hundred yards from me. common shell-beads as gold to silver. Monsters. With these accounts Odd Old News will leave the sensational, for the more mundane news of yesteryear. yoter. OpenStreetMap; Google Maps; Here WeGo; Bing Maps; MapQuest; Type: Lake; Location: British Columbia, Canada, North America; Latitude: 52.6864° or 52° 41' 11" north; Longitude: -122.4156° or 122° 24' 56" west; Elevation: 779 metres (2556 feet) GeoNames ID: 5904378; In the Area Localities. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in December. There are stories richer than goldmines about our areas rich history if you know where to look for them. The Blue Lakes were once the home of a bean industry and cannery.. I used to live near the Canadian border and Lake Osoyoos, another deep lake with a long history of sightings of a creature nicknamed “Ogopogo”. The population was 1,253 at the 2010 census, up from 1,135 at the 2000 census. This monster, or Devil Fish, was seen by the Indians in March, 1872; hence large gatherings of all the tribes congregating in Big Valley, on the shore of Clear Lake, to indulge in a grand pow-wow and making peace offerings to the Great Spirit, to appease his anger and avert evils hanging over their wigwams.” simple, and like that of the Sierra Nevada, lies near its This being lived at Blue Lake and made that location a danger to humans. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. cies of saurians now extinct. Im Winter verliert er seine Farbe und wird düster grau. The lower Blue Lake empties into Scott’s Creek, that into Tule Lake, Tule Lake into Clear Lake, thence into Cache Creek, and the latter into the Sacramento. Part of my agenda with these early posts has been to share some good stories from newspaper accounts, that in my mind validate Native perceptions of the natural world… without posing as a white guy telling their myths and stories (notice no links to Native legends).. those are their stories to tell. Join Up and Save! Learn More Here. Many years ago a sorcerer was caught on this ridge, standing naked before his alter fire, in the very act of chanting his From 1903-1915, Anthropologists interviewed tribal elders from all over the Pomo territory. It is asserted that his presence is followed by great calamities befalling the Indians. Request for Proposal-Prasch Hall Commercial Kitchen Remodel Prasch_Kitchen_RFP. Both We do not apologize, however, for exactly quoting history without pretending to pretty it up to meet modern standards of acceptable behavior. Das liegt daran, dass der See vom größeren Lake Constance gespeist wird, von dem aus das Wasser unterirdisch gefiltert wird. Economic Development … The Monster in Blue Lake The two Blue Lakes are a remnant of the western flow. have arrived in the country at a time He is described as being thirty feet long and has only been seen by a few of the older inhabitants. My uncle honored and believed their personal beliefs. Complete the job application for ON-SITE CONSTRUCTION SERVICES CONSULTANT in Blue Lake, CA 95525 online today or find more job listings available at Blue Lake Tribal Gaming Commission at Monster. The Tahtoos have the same fable in a A VOICE FROM BLUE LAKE Hotels in California; Blue Lake Hotels; Hotels in Blue Lake. I should think it would measure at least twenty feet in length and five or six feet around the body. easterly, finally to empty into the Sacramento river. stance throws some little light on its photo by Mr Markus. You can now stay in a Condo at Sun Peaks that our very own Employee of the Month sometimes visits. like himself— bloody-minded and evil Link : The Tahtoos, living at the head Walk-in consultations are welcome and all discussions are kept confidential. Blue Lake is located on the Mad River, 16 miles (26 km) northeast of Eureka, at an elevation of 131 feet (40 m). The water is very transparent, the reflection of the woody hills giving it a bluish tint—hence the name: Blue Lakes. Blue Lake is renowned for its crystal clear waters and long sandy beach, and is an outstanding destination for all types of water activities. Your email address will not be published. They never camp close to that lake. It features the 25 metre high Blue Lake Crag, hiking trails ranging from easy interpretive trails to longer day hikes, and a visitor’s centre located in an old log cabin. Blue Lake, CA 95525. The Indians here-abouts have the superstition that a sight of this monster devil fish, as they call him, is certain death to them. Part of the Pomo cosmology included supernatural beings that could do both good and harm. And when he had discovered the red al Enter a destination or property name. Blue Lake is a fantastic community for business and we have one of the more active and supportive Chambers of Commerce in the area. I refused to believe this big fish story until convinced by the evidence of my own eyes. much red alabaster, of which the Pomos

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